Hello, we are Dep Arts,  International Creative Producers. Producing, Programming, Commissioning, Inspiring.





As experienced Creative Producers, Dep Arts, under the leadership of Artistic Director and Executive Producer David Edmunds, work with world-class theatre, dance and circus performance companies to deliver exciting and innovative live arts events. Our stunning projects are often theatrical, sometimes in unconventional places and are enjoyed by captivated audiences from across the globe.


We’re commissioned by festivals, venues, local authorities and non-arts organisations amongst others, to provide content for and to manage various projects and events. It could be anything from a huge open-air event in a city centre to a small gallery installation in a public library.


We use private and public spaces to put on our events. We also love putting on performances in unusual and unique spaces whatever their size.


Over the last ten years we’ve produced and toured work all over the world and are passionate about finding new artists and ideas that haven’t been seen before. We love working with people that have fresh and interesting ways of looking at the world, playing with convention and art to create new performances and amaze audiences.






“Working with Dep Arts has enabled me not only to get the advice, support and back-up from International, Kick ass Theatre Producers and their years of experience but also receive individual support. I know that there is a team at Dep Arts working towards the same goal as me – building a creative future for myself and my work.”

Stella Grundy, Stella Productions