• Incubate

    Incubate is an artist development programme that we deliver in partnership with ARC in Stockton.  It is designed for artists or companies w…

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  • Stella Productions

    multi-media theatre and storytelling…

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  • Dead To Me

    Wed 06 Aug 14


    Roundabout at Summerhall

    Time: 17:30

    Production details
  • Having the people at Dep Arts to bounce ideas  around with is an immeasurable privilege and they have constantly boosted my confidence th…

    Adam Sunderland, Sticks Theatre

  • Lisa Hammond and Rachael Spence

    "Wonderful to watch, hilariously rude and naughty"…

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  • The M R James Tetralogy

    Thu 18 Dec 14


    The Mill Studio

    Time: TBC

    Production details
  • Dep Arts’ Edinburgh Fringe blasts off tomorrow with Square Peg Theatre’s Icarus. Inspired by the Mars One Foundation plan to establish a…

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  • Black Coffee Theatre

    Exciting shots of theatre to engage new audiences…

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  • Countdown to Edinburgh… @SquarePegCo @GreyscaleTC @GaryKitchingCo @BryonyKimmings @camisadoclub http://t.co/FGPhpw2esD

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  • New Realities

    New Realities is funded through Arts Council England’s Strategic Touring Fund and is a partnership between Dep Arts, marketing and audienc…

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  • Money: The Game Show

    Sat 08 Nov 14


    ARC, Stockton

    Time: 19:30

    Production details
  • Greyscale

    Original and anarchic theatre for a modern audience…

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  • We are thrilled to announce that 154 Collective have been awarded funding from Arts Council England to further develop their show The Advent…

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  • Ira Brand

    Live solo performance…

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  • London! Get a sneak peek of @Impulsecollect's new anarchic take on The Canterbury Tales @newdiorama on Wednesday http://t.co/JGsXQyy1Uf

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    4 days ago