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Incubate Success

At Dep Arts we strive to work with exciting emerging artists across the UK. Over the past year we have worked on delivering and refining our newest program, Incubate. This program is specifically dedicated to developing the UK’s freshest talent. Over the last 12 months Incubate has enjoyed some really exciting success stories ranging from international performances, successful G4A applications and sell out runs at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.


This is my second week, working as Dep’s new Project Manager and its full steam ahead.

It was announced earlier this month that we were successful in our Grants for the Arts bid. The funding will be awarded to a new initiative, which will form a second strand to the Escalator Dance scheme – Escalator Dance Producers (EDP). The project will aim to identify and develop a new group of creative dance producers within the East & South East regions. We are extremely excited to be working on this new scheme, which will start in January and run for twelve months.


Hull Truck Theatre organises an annual fare for local students that encourages them to explore possible routes into working in the arts. Dep Arts were invited to host a stall at the event, which our three interns manned.

Through this experience the interns were able to reflect on their recent experiences whilst working at Dep. Our project management intern Alison stated that, “working as an intern has allowed me to place what I’ve learnt in lectures and workshops alongside knowledge from the industry to really get a grip on how things work”.

Cross Genre and Inter-Disciplinary work

The Dep Arts team attended the premier of Invisible Flocks, Bring the Happy, last night; here is Rachael’s response to the evening:

Just as ‘rules are meant to be broken’, it would seem so too are genres with an ever increasing array of companies and work that push and defy distinction, challenging the audience to question the genres of ‘traditional theatre’ and whether these still exist.

Decibel Showcase

This week I attended the Decibel Showcase in Manchester, which was my first arts festival as an intern at Dep. The event took place over four days with performances, presentations, discussions and the opportunity to network.  I took part in the trade fair on the Thursday morning, where Dep Arts had its own stand with