Leeds Spectacular Expression Of Rugby. Working in partnership with England Rugby 2015 & Leeds City Council to develop and implement the creative vision and programme of work to form the official cultural celebrations of the Rugby World Cup coming to Leeds in September 2015.


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To celebrate the Rugby World Cup 2015, Dep Arts joined forces with Leeds City Council to bring a number of interactive, innovative and city-wide experiences under the umbrella TRY.


TRY featured two very different commissions from award-winning theatre companies: Tangled Feet’s Collective Endeavour and Rugby Songs from Slung Low. Click on the links on the left to find out more about each specific show.


For Tangled Feet working with Dep Arts was an extremely rewarding and supportive experience. Their vision for the TRY programme was inspiring and we were proud to be asked to work with them on such a thrilling programme. Throughout the experience of making Collective Endeavour the team at Dep worked tirelessly to manage and maintain a large number of complicated stakeholder relationships, shielding us from the challenges throughout. We felt artistically liberated to concentrate on working with the volunteers and creating the show. There is a personal touch at Dep which means everyone feels important and included - this is no mean feat when working at scale outdoors but how they worked with all parties was authentically kind and supportive. Finally, the leadership of David Edmunds was continually thorough, enthusiastic and with a fantastic attention to detail. We can’t wait to work with them again.

Nathan Curry, Artistic Director, Tangled Feet.