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As REACH comes to an end thats us as Dep Arts done, just some final paperwork, admin etc to wrap up now, mission accomplished, its been ACE
9 months ago
Thank you to all 150 of you from Tadcaster and surrounding areas who have filled in our survey monkey already, great work guys & girls.
9 months ago
Tadcaster folk, we would love you to take 10 minutes to fill out this survey to help us in the work we are doing RT
9 months ago
Tadcaster folk,we will be in town nxt Wed (9th) wanting to interview anyone local who is interested in arts & culture events, get in touch
10 months ago

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Summer Update

10 August , 2016

So we’ve been a bit quiet on the old news front the last few months, we didn’t want you to think we were sat around twiddling our thumbs or that we have been totally consumed by Pokemon Go ! so we thought we should give you a little bit of a update on a few things.


We’ve been developing a new arts festival for the North Yorkshire town of Selby, the first festival is planned for July 2017 and Dep Arts Director David has written a blog post about why we are doing it, be warned this ones personal !!!!


you can read his post here:


We’ve also been busy with REACH our Strategic Touring project in the North East working with our Partners at ARC in Stockton. We held the first REACH showcase day in July where 15 companies from across the UK came to meet, talk and share their work with our nine partner venues, it was a brilliantly successful day and we certainly feel its a much more civilised way of booking tour dates than via phone or e-mail, nothing beats getting in a room and talking face to face with other human beings especially when you involve lunch and afternoon tea !


David also spend some time in June working with Martin Green and the team over in Hull 2017 on the development of the opening project for Hull 2017 next year, we would love to tell you more but thats all we know, big big big secrets !!!


Developments via The Departure Lounge are going well and we are currently working with Make It York on developing the creative content for VentureFest 2016 at York Race Course in November and also something spectacular that will be part of the celebrations of Tadcaster Bridge reopening. The Bridge was damaged during the December 2015 floods and made headline news around the world due to the dramatic pictures of the bridge collapse, the good news is its not far away from being open again, watch this space for more info on both those projects.


There are loads of other bits and pieces we’ve been up to but you’ve probably got bored of reading this by now and we need to pack for our annual trip up to the Edinburgh Fringe, this year David is going with a number of the REACH venue programmers to look at new work and also with his Selby Arts Festival hat on as well.


We hope everyone has a great rest of the summer and we promise to try and be a bit better with news in the autumn, well at least telling you about our news anyway




Dep Team

The Departure Lounge website is live

28 April , 2016

So as promised the new The Departure Lounge website is now live, thanks to the brilliant team at Something More we are really pleased with how the new site and brand ID looks. We’ve currently got a number of projects in development for later this year and for 2017 via The Departure Lounge and as soon as we can we will tell you more.

But for now check out the new site: 

something new coming very soon

3 March , 2016

we’ve got some exciting things to share with you around The Departure Lounge in the next couple of weeks, keep your eye (s) peeled for more

2nd Space for us in York

3 March , 2016

A couple of weeks ago we announced that our new base for Dep Arts & The Departure Lounge would be at the very brilliant ACOLLECTIVE following our move to York. We’ve been there a couple of weeks now and are loving it and have been made to feel really welcome the mix of people working in the building is great and really varied. In addition to this we are excited to say we are to become one of the first member companies of the Hiscox Business club.


Hiscox are a major international insurance company with a new state of the art business centre in the heart of the city. Its vast and even has its own missile in the atrium (you have to admit for an insurance company thats a pretty cool thing). Hiscox has a long history within the art world, having started out as underwriters for fine art back in the 40’s.


Part of their offer to the city with their new business centre was to give something back to the locality, as a result they have created the Business Club. Having put in place a pretty detailed selection process over the last couple of months Hiscox have now identified the companies and people they would like to share their building with and we are one of them.


In addition to office space, access to meeting rooms, free coffee !!! there will be numerous events for club members in terms of seminars, workshops and networking opportunities during the course of the year.


The club officially opens on the 4th April and we are excited to see how it will develop over time. Its got some really excited possibilities and we think its a great example of big business working with its local community and as importantly the arts and culture world.


Its going to be fascinating to see how things develop over the coming months and how relationships grow but it feels really exciting for us to be part of that from the start.


We will still have our base at ACOLLECTIVE and will split our time between the two sites as we feel each one gives us something different.

well keep you posted as time goes on, but if you fancy a coffee under the missile do pop in and see us


Where in York

18 February , 2016

So those that read our recent news posts will know we are moving both Dep Arts & The Departure Lounge to York after 10 years or more working in Leeds. You can read more about that elsewhere on here so I won’t go into too much detail on the move in general.


What I do want to talk about is where we will be based in the city…….


I am really excited that we will for at least part of our working time in York be based at ACOLLECTIVE . Its an amazing shared work space run by Stuart Goulden & Rick Chadwick which only opened last year. It has a really brilliant collaborative feel to it and I cannot wait for us to move in next Monday.


Its also right in the centre of the city. ACOLLECTIVE embodies the spirit I’ve found in York about individuals/small organisations working together to achieve more and I’m really looking forward to getting to know the other companies, artists, doers who base themselves there over the next few weeks / months.


We are also likely to have another space we will work from in the City splitting our time between ACOLLECTIVE and the other base but thats a little different and I’ll hopefully be able to tell everyone more about that in the coming weeks.


For now though I wanted to thank Stuart & Rick for offering us space and literally opening their doors to us.