A new adventure with Slung Low & The Emergency Story Unit


Following the success of Emergency Story Penguin. We are working again with Slung Low on the next adventure for the Emergency Story Unit & this time we are heading to outer Space



In development for 2016 / 2017

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Emergency Story Unit: Space is the sequel to the successful 2015 collaboration between DepArts and Slung Low, Emergency Story Penguin.
The core creative team for that show will be joined by Olivier award winning designer David Farley.

Emergency Story Unit: Space looks to deliver the same immersive adventure story-telling. The same ambition exists to deliver the highest production values in a small scale touring format, bringing a design standard and interactivity to venues that you is not expected.
The show will tour and perform in freight containers that sit outside the theatre providing both the opportunity to create permanent installations inside and a large, public point of interest outside. This unique way of touring the shows offers potential to move the show- through the hosting venue- to communities and areas of little activity without the usual need for a theatre’s infrastructure.

This new collaboration represents a real step change in both the quality of production value and immersive audience experience and the visibility of the project. The physical robustness of the touring model would allow both new audiences to be potentially reached and will provide a real potential longevity to the project.


DepArts and Slung Low in partnership has demonstrated an ability to delight young audiences with immersive story-telling and production values that impress all members of the audience.