The Enough Project


The Enough Project was the first Dep Arts Production. Written by Emma Adams & Cathy Crabb, Directed by Alan Lane. It was made in 2013 and premiered in Bradford before touring in the UK. It was funded by Arts Council England.



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Brimming by Emma Adams & Something Right by Cathy Crabb


What does it mean to have enough in 2013? In a world battered by a financial crisis and with natural resources at breaking point. The Enough Project was devised to respond to one simple question – What is Enough?


A unique double-bill by two outstanding writing talents from the North of England.



Brimming is about middle class Monica and her husband Tony, a couple crippled by a cycle of emotional abuse and passive aggressive retaliation who are however bound together by the fear that the devil you know may really be the least-worst option; The only thing they now both have in common is a genuine love for their daughter Anna; Both secretly fear that the only good thing they’ve ever achieved is bringing her up right; But Anna has been learning to love by watching her parents; The night we meet the family, Monica and Tony are hosting a dinner party for Anna and her new boyfriend Jonny. There may be trouble ahead.


Something Right

Sarah tries to do the œright thing” for her kids. 16-year-old Maisie gets the best grades, studies hard and is destined for a good place at university, but 18-year-old Jake has shown no signs of wanting an education or a job. To try to wake him up into standing on his own two feet, Sarah kicks Jake out of her home, but he ends up staying with old hippy Robin whose ideas of what’s œright” are very different to hers and certainly do not include safe employment and financial security.


"This fabulous night at the theatre is well worth a visit. It gives you plenty to talk about on the way home, raising questions and giving moral dilemmas while still providing sound performances and entertainment."

The Public Reviews, June 2013