What We Do


We’re always up for a challenge, looking for new things and ways of working. It keeps us fresh and excited about what we do.



Tour Booking & Producing



We help companies and artists build strategic partnerships with venues, promoters and funders both here in the UK and around the world. This might include introducing you directly to theatre managers and funders, or representing your work as part of our portfolio of artists.


Touring is a significant part of what we do. This can be simply booking tour dates for a specific show or might cover the whole tour process, including marketing, press and tour management.


We also provide overseas tour booking and management services to UK artists and companies, as well as helping to bring non-UK companies and artists into the UK. This includes representation at key marketplaces such as IPAY, APAP, CINARS and the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.


Whatever the scale of your tour, our team can provide scheduling, budgeting, fundraising and overall support, all with the flexibility of a small company.




Projects & Programming



We are highly experienced project managers, skilled at creating, developing and managing large-scale outdoor projects.


We’re currently working with Leeds City Council & England Rugby on Try, a project celebrating the Rugby World Cup 2015 coming to the city in the autumn. Previously we’ve worked with Liverpool Capital of Culture in 2008, and helped deliver Imove, the Cultural Olympiad project for Yorkshire in 2012.


Our programming work includes REACH, our partnership with ARC in Stockton, WordPlay, our partnership with Leeds Libraries, and the New Realities project. You can find out more about these and other programming work in the Projects section.



We also commission work for specific projects, which currently include a new work by Chris Thorpe & Hannah Jane Walker for REACH, in partnership with ARC in Stockton. We also have two new large commissions by Slung Low (Rugby Songs) and Tangled Feet (Collective Endeavour) for TRY, the Leeds cultural programme celebrating the Rugby World Cup 2015 coming to the city later this year



As well as producing for a range of exciting artists and companies, we also produce work under our own banner of Dep Arts Productions. This started in 2013 with our first show The Enough Project, directed by Alan Lane and written by Emma Adams & Cathy Crabb. We followed this in 2015 with a brand new children’s show called Emergency Story Penguin, a co-production with Leeds-based Theatre Company Slung Low. We also have a number of new shows in development for 2016.