David started the company in 2005, following a ten year career in production management & producing with companies like Phoenix Dance and the Royal Shakespeare Company. In the 10 years since he founded Dep Arts we’ve worked with hundreds of artists and companies and on numerous cultural events and projects in many different and wonderful ways.


We’ve produced and toured work across North America, Europe, Asia and Australasia, in addition to hundreds of UK performances per year. We’ve delighted, enthralled and challenged thousands of audience members of all ages – we even got a few hundred of them involved in a show or two.


Over the years we’ve sourced well over £7m worth of funding for artists, projects and Dep Arts Productions in order to deliver our projects. They’ve included memorable work at events such as the Liverpool Capital Of Culture in 2008, The Cultural Olympiad in 2012 and the Rugby World Cup 2015.


After 10 fantastic years based in Leeds, we’ve recently moved into new offices in York and are looking forward to working with the creative community in the city in addition to continuing to work right across the UK and Internationally with various projects / companies / artists.




“The really exciting thing about Dep Arts’ arrival on the scene in the last few years is the quality they bring to every part of their operation. That level of attention to the quality of the audience experience has been brilliantly provoking to the whole sector. You can see the impact it’s had on the region’s theatre, especially the new writing sector. It’s why we’re so excited to be working with them. Leeds has really benefitted from having a producer of that quality in the city.”

Alan Lane, Artistic Director, Slung Low