Since we started in 2006, we have worked with literally hundreds of different artists and companies in many different ways. We have produced and toured work across four different continents (USA, Europe, Asia & Australasia) including approximately 250 individual UK performances a year. We have sourced well over 3 million pounds worth of funding for our artists/ Dep Arts Productions and to deliver our numerous projects.


We have a core staff team of five in addition to a host of specialist freelance / Associate Producer staff who come in to work with us on any given project. The company’s office is based in Quarry Hill, the cultural quarter for Leeds where we have been based since 2009.


œProducer” doesn’t really feel an adequate enough word for Dep Arts & the fine, brilliant folk who make up the organisation.

Instead, I’d say it’s a safety net for if you fall, a trampoline that helps you leap higher, a massive roll of bubble wrap that’s there to protect you – and something for you to pop if you need to relieve some stress.

 The company handled the process of going through the difficult birth of a piece of new writing like the greatest midwives there have ever been.  They really are an exceptional team, exceptionally led.

Nick Ahad Writer & Director.